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Dr. Murray Townsend / B.Sc. , D.C.

Dr. Murray Townsend began practicing in Mount Forest in May 1999, after starting to practice in Arthur in February 1999 with the practice’s previous owner, Dr. David Gohn. It was shortly after that, in September 1999, that his soon-to-be wife, Dr. Michelle Gross, joined him. In 2002, both doctors continued practicing solely in Mount Forest.

Dr. Townsend entered the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto after graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. He graduated from CMCC in 1996.

Initially Dr. Townsend participated in research efforts with the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA), and co-authored articles published in the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association (JCCA) and the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ).

Dr. Townsend first practiced in Clinton with Drs. Laurie Colquhoun and Carolyn Wood. It was in this practice that he had been a patient (since age 4) of Dr. Colquhoun and Dr. Wood’s father, Dr. Ken Wood.

The choice of being a chiropractor stemmed from the experiences of living on a farm near Seaforth and playing sports (especially hockey, curling and baseball), and the positive influence as a chiropractic patient in Clinton.

Dr. Townsend continues to have an interest in a variety of sports, and treats patients that are involved in the traditional hockey and baseball, to those who train for MMA fighting or run marathons.

Whether a sports injury or strains from picking stones in the spring, Dr. Townsend enjoys helping all the members of the community. As such, it has been particularly rewarding to develop a relationship with the other health care providers in the community to help better serve patients` needs. In 2004-2006, our office participated in a `Collaborative Practice Study between Physicians and Chiropractors`. This led to a more formal and cooperative interaction with the Mount Forest physicians and Family Health Team. In 2015-2016, our office has been fortunate enough to be included in the Ontario Government`s Low Back Pain Care initiative, continuing our focus on collaborative patient care.

Drs. Townsend and Gross live in Mount Forest with their sons Joey and John.


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